"Dublin Grinds Academy has been set up to provide students with a supportive, encouraging and stimulating environment to prepare for exams and learn English by providing hands on, interactive training from the best tutors in Ireland"

About Us


Our main aim is to help students achieve the results they desire in Maths, English, Irish and French at Junior and Leaving Certificate level. Engaging the help of a tutor can be very beneficial to students as it offers them a fresh view of the course and the constituent parts that will make up their overall mark.

Viewing the course from a different point of view and then breaking down and mastering each section can make all the difference come exam time. When students put in the work and are committed to achieving the results they require, our job is to supply them with the best tutors on the Irish market and the very best course material.

Whether its hands on practice for oral examinations or preparing a game plan for tackling English paper 2, we are proud to offer extensive grinds to allow you to fulfill your potential come exam time.

Dublin Grinds and Language School are also proud to offer English language classes to foreign students. We offer an engaging and interactive experience that focuses on spoken and written English.

Feel Free to Contact Us or Call Us on 0876306120 to discuss any of our Language School Or Grind Classes.