5 Tips For Finding A Great Leaving Cert Grinds Company In Dublin

College tutor with student

Smaller class sizes

The higher the number of students per class, the less attention given by the teacher to each one, which can compromise learning. The impact of class size reduction, however, is directly associated with the effectiveness of the educational system. The implementation of new classes depends on both adequate physical space and the availability of selecting and hiring teachers at least as qualified as those who make up the existing framework. Therefore, before choosing the institution, you should evaluate this question. Dublin Grinds Academy limit our class sizes to 14 to maximise the results for every student.

Experienced teachers

Gone are the times when experienced teachers characterized themselves as obsolete and outdated. Nowadays, more experienced teachers, besides being more at ease and confident with the students, are, of course, the result of experience, also capable of new technologies and new ways of teaching. More and more teachers are continuing to pass on their skills and knowledge through leaving cert grinds and tuition. Through the logical evolution of technologies and complementary training that are subject. Therefore, experienced teachers who have already got the results for countless students are you best bet for achieving maximum performance in your junior or leaving cert exams.

Convenient times

It is important to know how each teaching institution manages the schedules of the students, since in many cases the schedules are established according to the possibilities of the teachers. The optimization of the schedules, should be in accordance with the general situations of the students, so that there are not large breaks between each class, or if there is, know if there are complementary and support activities, so that there are no breaks of time and concentration losses in the learning pace. Check out our timetable which consists of evening classes during the week and morning classes on Saturdays.

History of good results

Institutions with proven results are more likely to repeat their successes, which depend on in-depth consultation and research, however, education experts are unanimous in stating that one should not choose the institution merely by observing the students’ results, as these rankings may even serve basic in the search for the ideal institution, but the best is still the personal visit, because not always the institution will match the profile of the student. You can look for the best institutions, but try to match which one suits the student.


Talking with other students or people who know about the institution helps to solve various doubts. If you do not have many questions, a good question that can serve as a quality thermometer for the institution is: What do you like most about this institution? Or what do you dislike about the institution? Depending on the answers obtained, the recommendations are essential and help provide security at the time of decision in the choice of institution.

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